Tax Doesn’t Have To Be Taxing ……

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Tax Doesn’t Have To Be Taxing ……

Do you remember that advert, with Moira Stewart, assuring us about how easy it was to complete a self-assessment tax return? Well, how many of you complete your own return? And for the minority who do, how much do you not look forward to it?

Oh and you don’t need to leave it until the last day or month to complete it, either, by the way. If you get it done, say, this month, if you’re due a rebate, you’ll get it sooner, or, if you have tax to pay, you’ll have enough time to make sure you have the money to pay, when the time comes for you to actually pay it. Makes sense really, doesn’t it.

A couple of things I’ve spotted when doing tax returns – if you’re married, you can transfer 10% of your spouse’s tax allowance to you, saving tax and, if you give to charity, you can claim this as an allowance against tax too.

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