What’s Your Core?

Why did you start your business? What are you best at doing? What generates the most income for you?

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Sole Trader to Limited Company?

Ever wondered if being a Ltd Company is for you? Or is Sole Trader a better status for your business? Read on to find out more.

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“I can’t understand what my Accountant is telling me – it’s like a different language”

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Tax Doesn’t Have To Be Taxing ……

Do you remember that advert, with Moira Stewart, assuring us about how easy it was to complete a self-assessment tax return? Well, how many of you complete your own return? And for the minority who do, how much do you not look forward to it?

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Are you exhibiting yourself correctly?

I’ve been in business just over 2 years now and I have been to several business Expos and exhibitions. Most of these have been as a delegate but a couple have been where I’ve had a stand. I have noticed a few things along the way too …..

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What’s My Business Worth?

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Why does Dragons Den make me cringe, and how to some people value their business?

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How can I improve my business?

On a recent train journey to watch a cricket match, I took some time out to think about my business and plan how I could improve it. I was planning a destination.

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Hidden Costs

If you’re thinking of starting a business or you have recently set one up, beware of the hidden costs, particularly if you are employing people or you own or rent office space.

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But It Isn’t January Yet …..

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What a time of year to set a deadline for a tax return, hey, the end of January.

Yes, I appreciate it’s only August and yes, there are a few months to go until you have to complete the return but why wait ….

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“And What Do You Do ….?!

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The $64,000 dollar question, and one that I ask quite a lot whenever I go to networking events. In response, I get some interesting answers and to be honest, some not so interesting ones too!

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