Are you exhibiting yourself correctly?

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Are you exhibiting yourself correctly?

I’ve been in business just over 2 years now and I have been to several business Expos and exhibitions. Most of these have been as a delegate but a couple have been where I’ve had a stand. I have noticed a few things along the way too.

For instance, why pay for a stand, stick your pop up banner up, have a pile of leaflets on your table and then spend the whole time with your head down, looking at your ‘phone? As a delegate, why would you be interested in that? Why should I bother stopping at that stand?

Try putting something on your table that gives people a reason to stop – sweets or a prize draw maybe?

As another example, I have been interested enough to stop at some stands and have started to ask questions of the people there, only for it to become clear that they don’t know anything or enough about their product or service. Yes, they drew me in, but ultimately, it was fruitless, as why am I going to buy from someone who doesn’t know enough about the company’s products or services they are representing.

So, when delegates stop to pick up their free sweets, engage them in conversation and make sure you know your subject.

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